Leica M10



This is the Leica M10, a digital rangefinder camera from the Leica Camera AG. Their headquarter is in Wetzlar, Germany. With the M10, Leica reduced the size of the Body and build it more like their older, analog rangefinder cameras. This is not a technical review, there are plenty of reviews already you can find in the web. Here is a link to a detailed Review by Thorsten Overgaard – Review by Thorsten Overgaard.

I want to show you a couple more photos of the M10. In my opinion, it`s a piece of Art.

The build quality is top notch and combined with a small lens, in my case the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1.4 MC, it`s very small compared to other digital full-frame cameras.

I gotta say, the size of the M10 with an attached lens was one of the main points for me to switch to the Leica M-mount system. Now I usually pack two lenses and just carry a small bag for my gear. Before that, I always used a big backpack and carried 3-4 lenses with me. I wanted to downsize my gear and carry less weight while being out to take pictures.


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